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It all happened at CHICHESTER!

The River Lavent rear of Needlemakers 'Chichester' a far away place that has become a second home. Fire Crews from all over West Sussex have been descending upon our Cathedral City in a bid to stop the river Lavent from bursting its banks, Like so many others Henfield fire station have played a major role. This week 10/12-17/12/00 Henfield personnel has provided over 320 man-hours. A six to ten pump relief is required on average every 8-12 hours, the crews provide a variety of functions, manning the Green Goddess (home office pumps), setting in our major pump/light pump, sandbagging as required, manning contractors pumps, and general logistical support for fireground operations. Here are a few of our pictures.
One of the main pumping sites, Rows old yard in the Hornet, Rows Pumps set in

Pipes away from Lavent Into rows old workshop Going out of Rows Towards the Hornet Under the Hornet 2611 with goddess in Alexandra Rd Jim & Paul on Goddess watch john & andys night nest Frosty & Jim posing Jack bonding with Hurst's crew Hurstpierpoint and Henfield in Tozer Way


After an early morning stint at Chichester, (1am-8am), we received a call to an animal rescue in Bramber, NR Steyning. On arrival a miniature pony was up to its neck in rapidly rising floodwater. 'Nigel and Dominic,(new nickname=Jack), had a bath', Sid saved Jack from drowning, Colin nearly collapsed laughing, but a good all round team effort, and the right result! We spent the rest of the day sandbagging and assisting the local residents with flood protection.
Thanks to the Old Tollgate Restaurant for our dinner, Bramber parish council, and all the people who nearly drowned us with tea!

Billingshurst, after an all nighter at Crawley, we arrived here for a day's pumping.

Through the flood (Lindfield).

One of the numerous flooding calls Henfield attended, Here in Upper Beeding.

Severe flooding at Mockbridge Henfield. The crew from Stn28 Hurstpierpoint and Henfield combine to give assistance and carry out salvage work. One of the brigades boats "Alphafire" was on hand from East Wittering. Rescues were made of occupiers using the boat. Later the Boat was deployed to Lewes, East Sussex.

Both crews at Henfield for tea and pizza, well all that Edward left? ('He's a happy bunny' that Edward).